Whereas the Old Right places major emphasis on subservience to the apparatus of the nation state, Identitarians stress advocacy of ethno-culture; that is of a people and to those particular social norms that each people alone creates. Moreover, we recognise and uphold the subtle regional and local variations within each ethno-culture – we do not kowtow to the manufactured ‘one size fits all’ identities so often deployed by state institutions.

Whilst movements of the Old Right are often chauvinistic and aggressively prejudicial to countries and peoples other than their respective own, Identitarians display no such negativity. We take no part or interest in the Old Right’s obsession with racial differences and/or notions of superiority. We advocate and celebrate the idea of ethno-pluralism – the fundamental right of all ethno-cultures to self-determination and to forge their own destinies within their own historic homelands. Identitarianism has no truck with the imperialism and colonialism so often espoused by the Old Right. An Identitarian peacefully campaigns for the rights of all ethno-cultures on a level footing, not merely his or her own.

Identitarians view the world through a civilisational lens. We reject petty nationalism and recognize that different ethno-cultures are component parts of their respective wider civilisations. In the European case, we Identitarians of the UK and Ireland stand in solidarity with our European sister-countries, recognising that identity flows through local, regional and national expressions and on up to the continental and civilizational levels.

Identitarians reject the myriad conspiracy theories so often prevalent within Old Right milieus. To take one example, replacement migration in parts of Europe is happening due to a number of different factors – social, economic, environmental, ideological, sometimes interrelated, sometimes coincidental. We refute the notion that migration is being driven by a concerted, coordinated, nefarious plan by one group or another.

The Old Right is a mire of reaction and discredited, toxic associations. It continues to be wedded to ideologies that have long since proven failures. It lacks a positive vision and cannot adapt to the new realities and challenges that patriots face from globalism and neoliberalism. In contrast, Identitarianism does have such an affirmative worldview. It is built on sound philosophical and theoretical foundations; both respectful of the past and looking to the future. It is a movement of its time – for the twenty-first century.


Chris Meddowes is an Identitarian author and commentator, and a member of the Identitiarian Movement.