On Sunday, Generation Identity activists led a protest against the University of Manchester. Following recent postering around the campus, the Students’ Union ‘Diversity Officer’, Riddi Visu, stated that it was ‘disheartening’ that the posters were encouraging students to love their English identity. Donning hazmat suits, GI activists unveiled a banner declaring that ‘ethnomasochism is toxic.’ The peaceful protest attracted attention from students and passers-by alike.

It’s abundantly clear to Generation Identity, and no doubt a very large section of the public, that our colleges and universities no longer exist to convey knowledge and a love of wisdom. Instead, they’ve become assembly lines for students to embrace the state’s agenda and ruling ideology without question; the opposite of an introspective and enquiring approach to learning. The complete negation of the classics, the fetishisation of foreign cultures at the expense of our own and a general dumbing down of academic standards has made a farce of what were once the finest academic institutions in the world.

The self-hatred and acceptance of an almost universal guilt amongst Europeans, especially the young, deserves to be called ethnomasochism, a neologism coined by the French Identitarian theorist Guillaume Faye, who defined it as ‘the masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people’, adding, ‘ethnomasochism comes from shame and self-hatred. It’s a collective psychopathology, provoked by a concerted propaganda campaign’.

Generation Identity has made a concerted effort to reach out to students through thought-provoking and eye-catching activism. Whilst many young people have patriotic sentiments, they feel isolated, because of the censorship and intimidation tactics employed by students’ unions; often made up of niche and radically left-wing groups. Receiving support and encouragement from other dubious groups, they’re able to effectively define a university’s narrative, and what is and isn’t up for debate. Generation Identity will continue to increase its activities around campuses in its bid to combat ethnomasochism and to remind the broader society that taking pride in one’s people, one’s ethnicity and its accomplishments, it nothing to be ashamed of; instead being something natural, wholesome and healthy.