Dear friends and supporters,
March has been an incredible month for Generation Identity UK. Having had our message spread to millions via BBC Newsnight and Newswatch, we’ve effectively come of age as an organisation. A series of bold actions, new recruits and energetic networking have rendered the month exceptionally productive, and there’s so much more to come. The Establishment’s attempt to censor and slander the Identitarian Movement has fundamentally failed. I’m exceptionally proud of each and every activist and supporter who, despite all of the obstacles, has persevered and continued in the struggle.
It’s our fundamental aim to spark a metapolitical revolution, not only in the UK but throughout all Europe. Only with your continued support, whatever form it may take,
can we continue in our mission to stop the globalist project and the Great Replacement of European peoples. From us you can expect bolder actions, increased activity and greater attempts to unify patriots through shared ideas and strategies.
The month did bear some bad news, however. Guillaume Faye, one of the foremost thinkers of the European New Right and the Identitarian Movement, has passed away. Faye’s works were pivotal in bringing about Generation Identity. His ideas, theories and character will inspire us ever onwards.
We’re a young movement, led by young people; but we’re getting there.
Benjamin Jones
Leader of Generation Identity UK

Our Europe is not your Union!

Friday 29th of March – a day that was supposed to mark Britain’s historic departure from the dysfunctional, Globalist European Union – Generation Identity UK made their mark in the capital with their most spectacular banner drop yet. Carrying the hefty banner to Waterloo bridge, the activists were accosted by some initially hostile police, who at first insisted the banner drop could not take place. However, after some amiable negotiation, it was permitted, providing no flares were used.

After the successful the action, the team joined the massive Brexit rally in Parliament square to mix with thousands of British patriots, and spread the Identitarian message.

The Angora, Episode 1

Following Generation Identity’s successful first broadcast of ‘The Agora’, with Ben Jones and regional leads Charlie Fox and Charlie Shaw.

20th March: Agora Episode 2

The second ‘Agora’ livestream aired on 20th March, featuring Ben with UK activists, Mark and Joe, discussing increasing UK media censorship, and the possibilities for a British populist political party.
‘The Agora’ is a great place to directly hear the values and views of our Generation Identity activists.

19th March: Defend Europa

Ben Jones and regional lead, Charlie Shaw livestreamed on ‘Defend Europa’, hosted by Laura Towler. They discussed the movement and its ideals, as well as the Christchurch and Utrecht terror attacks, and how these latest horrors are again symptomatic of our governments’ globalist policies.


You can subscribe to our Youtube channel below:

St. Patrick’s Day: Wicklow

Irish Generation Identity activists took to the streets of Wicklow Town to ask ordinary people what they thought of their government allowing defeated Islamic State fighters to return, in particular, the possible return of an ex-Irish Defence Force member, Lisa Smith. Smith, like ‘Jihadi Jack’ in England, and many others, is a European who converted to Islam, reminding us, once again, that Islam is a political-religious ideology, not a race. Watch the people of Wicklow’s reactions here:

17th March: London

To again highlight the issue of returning ISIS fighters and their ‘Jihadi brides’ – reportedly 400 in the UK along with 23,000 Islamists on the terror watch list – GI activists, in a spirit of delicious irony, posed as civil servants from the ‘Ministry of Integration and Diversity’, with an information desk and stand, to help educate the public on the problem of UK Islamic extremism. The activists highlighted how much the UK government has done to facilitate the return of supporters of the most appalling political movement of our time.

10th March: Glasgow

Scottish Generation Identity activists took to Glasgow University to put up posters regarding the appalling comments of a Glasgow University academic, Dr Samuel Tongue, who recently celebrated on Twitter the decline of European populations in their homelands.

Commenting on the trend towards minority status for Europeans, Dr Tongue had stated ‘You make that sound like a bad thing’. Generation Identity stand firmly against ethnomasochism in all its forms, not least when it emanates from those in positions of responsibility in our education system.