Generation Identity is taking action to ensure halal meat is banned from our supermarkets; we are an animal-loving nation, yet we still haven’t followed the examples of Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands by banning the practice of halal slaughter. This is because our government remains stultified by political correctness, while the food industry panders to minority groups with an eye on the large sums of money involved.

For this reason, Generation Identity staged a mock execution of a cow in the middle of Morrison’s Supermarket. Morrison’s is one of many major retailers to have sold unlabelled halal meat to customers, hiding or mislabelling foods so that consumers are not able to make a free choice around religious slaughter and animal welfare. EU law makes specific exemptions from its general standard on stunning animals before they are killed for “religious practice” – yet most people would be horrified by the reality of how this food is produced.

This action coincides with the launch of a new petition, aimed at banning this disgusting practice across the UK: