Preserving our ethnocultural identity

We demand a long-overdue open debate on the question of our identity in the 21st century. The established range of positions is limiting this question solely to the utopia of a unified one world ideology. We, on the other hand, insist on a world of plurality, peoples and cultures. We believe in true diversity in which all peoples have a right to preserve and promote their group identity in their homelands. 

As it stands, the establishment are working tirelessly to deny this to our peoples. We want to preserve our peoples’ ethnocultural identity: an identity that is anchored in common consensus and viewed as a fundamental right in our society. 

Defence of What DEFINES US

We believe that both love of one’s own country and genuine freedom of speech are essential values for our socities. For many years the political ‘left’ has dominated media and culture, often stifling views counter to their own. Now is the time for an Identitarian counter-voice to enter the stage.

Love of one’s own country is something completely healthy and natural. It is simply a normal part of human nature. We want everyone to be able to take pride in their own culture and traditions without having to experience suppression and marginalisation.


We call for the humane repatriation of anyone who has entered our countries illegally. Concerning legal immigration, The Great Replacement in Europe requires us to work towards reversing migration flows. This reversal will serve the preservation of peace, security and stability in all European countries.

Aid on the ground

We desire a world where every human feels secure in his or her homeland. We, therefore, strongly support regional development work for countries shaped by war and poverty, helping people to remain in and develop their own homelands. This is encapsulated in our statement: ‘immigration destroys Europe, emigration destroys Africa’. 

Secure Borders

We need effective measures from our governments to regain security and control over our state territories. Our borders must be categorically defended against mass migration and The Great Replacement. Securing our borders will establish far more security and stability in our countries.