The Burqa is a symbol of division and alienation, as well as oppression for the women who don this extreme, restrictive garment. It tells us that Islam cannot and will not conform with our society or culture.

In response, activists from Generation Identity UK came together on Saturday to protest the allowances, and even encouragement, our government gives to this archaic full body covering, not least in a time of increased terrorist attacks.

In true British fashion, our activists assembled on the green overlooked by Parliament to mock the absurdity of it all. With laughter and cheers from passers-by, our emboldened members cheerfully posed for a few candid photos.

After a short walk through the city, our Burqa-clad ‘new Londoners’ assembled before the gates of Buckingham Palace with more members of the public applauding the stunt.

The action is a continuation of our #BanTheBurqa campaign, the petition for which can be found here: