Dear friends and supporters,
With Brexit dominating the political narrative, it’s easy for us to forget other pressing issues. For Identitarians, there is no greater challenge for our civilisation than that posed by the Great Replacement. This is, of course, the process by which Europeans are being replaced by third-world migrants and their descendants.
This month, our activists have worked on the street level to raise awareness of the phenomenon; and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media’s portrayal of it as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ This mantra is thrown at us again and again… Despite the enormous amount of demographic data currently available to us.
More generally, we have begun to network with the broader patriotic community. Whether it be with forums and political parties, it’s our great task to bring patriots together under one strategy, lexicon and mission. The most important ingredient of which is stopping and reversing the Great Replacement.
I’m also delighted that the hysteria surrounding our Continental branches has dissipated. Our French, Austrian and German comrades have held firm in the face of both slander and persecution. A fine example for patriots everywhere.
Benjamin Jones
Leader of Generation Identity UK

The Great Replacement in the Mainstream Media

Generation Identity believes that ‘demography is destiny’. The evidence for the demographic transformation of our towns and cities is clear. In the 2011 UK census, only 45% of London’s population was ‘White British’, while the school age population of Birmingham was only 40% ‘White British’. This is the Great Replacement.
Newspapers across the UK have reported on the phenomenon—even celebrated it—yet many commentators continue to deny it. Therefore, over the weekend of 13th April, GI activists took to the streets of Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, and Manchester to highlight the reality of the Great Replacement as reported by the mainstream media.

New Sticker Range – Coming Soon

Building on the success of our incredibly popular yellow and black stickers, we are extremely proud to announce our brand new national sticker range for England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Utilising our respective nations’ colours and heraldry.


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