Dear friends and supporters,

After much planning, Generation Identity UK executed its first ‘Zone’ action on 8th June. Battling fierce winds and rain, we raised awareness of replacement-level migration – the Great Replacement – at the street level in Dudley. Whilst we expected a friendly welcome from this marvellous Black Country town, we were taken aback by the level of interest and support we received on the day. It was delightful to field some 25 activists from all across the country, showing face and affirming the values of our Movement in such a direct and tangible way. We’re planning more throughout the rest of the year.

As it stands, we’re larger than ever. I’m delighted to report that our Scottish branch has come of age, and we’re now building up support in Wales. We’ve also officially unveiled new flags and stickers that represent the distinctly ‘Britannic’ identity that the Movement is beginning to take.

The future is Identitarian.

Benjamin Jones
Leader of Generation Identity UK

Zone Action, Dudley

On 8th June, a large number of GI activists, including Jasper the Identitarian dog, made their way to Dudley to perform the UK’s first Zone Action, connecting with members of the public to spread the Identitarian message. The team set up a gazebo and stall on Dudley High Street, handed out leaflets to passers-by, and engaged in conversation with interested individuals.

The action was a resounding success despite the rather inclement weather, and after two hours of connecting with the public, the group retired to a nearby public house to regenerate and rehydrate.

Helping London's Homeless

Generation Identity is not just about rhetoric and talking philosophy, but living it. With London regional lead Charlie Fox, activists set out on 31st May to do just that.

Our own people have been coldly discarded by an establishment that proves itself more interested in blind globalist corporatism than the nation. As such, many are left on the streets, whilst the likes of returning jihadists are sheltered and coddled. Activists in London gave them hot food to help them through the day. No Briton is forgotten. No Briton is alone.

Meeting Defend Ruhrpott

The Great Replacement and the cultural struggles of our time require unity among the proud nations of Europe. Our London activists and German activists from Ruhrpott met on 1st June to express this solidarity. It was a delight to liaise with our German counterparts, and many valuable experiences were shared.

Meeting Defend Ruhrpott

Two years ago on 3rd June, we saw a cowardly act of terror at London Bridge that devastated multiple families, killing eight people. Whilst we campaign with enthusiasm and optimism for the love of our homeland and culture, we must not forget those whose losses prove the urgent need for messages like ours in the public sphere.
Whilst allowing these tragedies to happen, government after government insist on sweeping the root causes of mass immigration and Islamism under the rug. But these are our countrymen, and we will not stop speaking for them and exposing our state’s deadly mistakes.


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