The new European Commission, which is expected to assume office later this year, will include an official with the title of Commissioner (or Vice-President) for Protecting our European Way of Life. The fact that this title has been given specifically to the EU’s commissioner who is responsible for its migration portfolio has sparked heavy controversy among proponents of globalism.

Unsurprisingly, the die-hard internationalists of the European United Left-Nordic Green Left group found the job title “unacceptable” and “outrageous”[1]. A leader for the Greens in the European Parliament felt it was “scary to see a proposal for a portfolio on ‘protecting the European way of life’ which includes migration and border protection.”[2] An MEP for the Green Party in the United Kingdom accused the Commission of “adopting fascist rhetoric”[3], while a French MEP for the same group branded the portfolio name “disgusting” and an “abomination”[4]. Yet another of their colleagues in the European Parliament remarked that:

“What Greens value about our European way of life is our role as a beacon of compassion and diversity. We will continue our work to ensure that Europe remains a safe harbour for those fleeing persecution, and to champion global human rights.”

A Labour MEP argued that “calling the European commission migration portfolio ‘protecting our way of life’ is deeply insulting.”[5] Again, a Dutch MEP of the social-liberal party Democrats 66 said:

“The very point about the European way of life is the freedom for individuals to choose their own way of life. We do not need a commissioner for that, thank you very much. The implication that Europeans need to be protected from external cultures is grotesque and this narrative should be rejected. The only threat to “our way of life” is autocrats and populists like Orbán, Kaczyński or Johnson trampling all over the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy.

And the retiring President of the European Commission – the disgraced alcoholic Jean-Claude Juncker – predictably pointed out that “accepting those that come from far away is part of the European way of life.”[6]

The portfolio title drew further condemnation from internationalist organisations such as Amnesty International[7] and the European Trade Union[8].

Manfred Weber, leader of the supposedly conservative EPP group in the European Parliament, half-heartedly tried to defend the title, saying “I want to live the European way of life, with solidarity, with democracy, with protecting human rights – especially when it’s about migrants.”[9] In other words, rather than standing up for the name of the portfolio and highlighting the merits of true European values and the continent’s unique ethnocultures, Weber instead accepted the globalists’ premises, insisting that what actually comprises European values is the protecting of migrants’ human rights.

In the Identitarian worldview, our European way of life is a living reality, passed on from generation to generation over centuries. It is contained in our traditions, manners, languages, dialects, art and architecture. It is embodied in our uniquely high-trust societies. True European values and a genuinely European way of life are inconceivable without the continued existence and prospering of the indigenous European peoples and ethnocultures. Their continued existence is under immediate threat by the Great Replacement, which is well underway in every Western nation and is only being averted in Eastern Europe by exactly the kind of leaders that the aforementioned globalist MEPs detest – men like Viktor Orbán.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing unacceptable, outrageous, scary, disgusting, abominable, insulting or grotesque about this portfolio title. A Europe that remains a “beacon of compassion and diversity” as envisaged by globalists will inevitably see its indigenous peoples becoming minorities even earlier than currently predicted. And, as Identitarians, we are adamant that Europeans do need protection from external – primarily Islamic – cultures.

Instead, the real problem at hand is that the European Commission has no intention whatsoever of living up to the promise of the name of this portfolio, or do anything that even resembles preserving our European way of life.

I will end with a quote from the Identitarian Movement’s Demands page, which outlines our positive vision of the way of life that we believe every people on earth deserves:

“We, on the other hand, insist on a world of plurality, peoples and cultures. We believe in true diversity in which all peoples have a right to preserve and promote their group identity in their homelands […] We want to preserve our peoples’ ethnocultural identity: an identity that is anchored in common consensus and viewed as a fundamental right in our society. […] Love of one’s own country is something completely healthy and natural. It is simply a normal part of human nature. We want everyone to be able to take pride in their own culture and traditions without having to experience suppression and marginalisation.”[10]



Oskar Gustavsson is an Identitarian writer and researcher with the Identitarian Foundation.