The only real democracy is direct democracy – we demand a voice.

Our current voting system, First Past the Post, denies millions of British people political representation.

The 2017 General Election saw the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP receive 11% of votes between them, yet they gained only 2% of seats in Parliament.

This is not to mention the 2015 General Election, where the same three parties received almost a quarter of all the votes between them, yet won only 1.5% of seats.

It is clear that Parliament fails to reflect the will of the British people. Millions of us do not have a say in the most important national decisions. This isn’t just bad for democracy; it’s bad for our entire politics and society.

Proportional Representation ensures the share of seats each party wins matches the share of the votes they receive. If a party gets 20% of the vote, it wins 20% of the seats. Parliament would then accurately represent the people’s range of views and interests.

Proportional Representation means every vote has equal value and everyone has an equal voice – wherever we live and whoever we vote for.

We, the British people – the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish – deserve genuine democracy. Let’s change our unfair, broken system and give ourselves the gift of real democracy.

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