In our new blog series, we swiftly debunk the most common globalist arguments. Here is our takedown of the myth “Britain is a nation of immigrants”.

There are two things to address here. Most of what is often referred to as “immigration” into Britain, such as the Anglo-Saxons or Vikings, were actually invasions that resulted in the existing population being subject to a foreign ruling elite or displaced from the conquered territory – hardly the best justification for the replacement-level migration of the modern day.

Also, with the exception of the Anglo-Saxons, the genetic impact left by the invasions of Britain was negligible[1]. Likewise, the total number of Normans who settled in England, who were of a much more similar genetic and religious background to the existing population compared to the majority of our current immigrants, is estimated never to have comprised more than five percent of England’s total population[2].

More recently, census figures from 1931 show a foreign-born population in England and Wales of just 1.5%[3]. By contrast, the percentage of foreign-born in inner London in 2017 was as high as 42%[4]. In other words, the mass immigration that we have experienced in recent decades is completely unprecedented.


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